Sunday, June 24, 2018

Donald Hall,dies at 89

Donald Hall, former US poet laureate and bard of New Hampshire’s Eagle Pond, dies at 89

6/23/2018=29,47,67,22...174th day 191 left
29 day numerology matches his birth numerology
died in Wilmot=29 

Donald Andrew Hall Jr. was an American poet, writer, editor and literary critic. Wikipedia
BornSeptember 20, 1928, Hamden, CT
9/20/1928=29,57,76,31..264th day 102 left...he died 89 days before his 90th b-day(end date included)..also 2 months 4 weeks/24...89/24th prime..he died 2 months 3 weeks 6 days/236 before his 90th b-day(end date not included)..236..23/6 when he died

DiedJune 23, 2018, Wilmot, NH
poet=52...Donald Hall=52..310/31..matches his birth numerology..Donald Hall=83/23rd prime..died on the 23rd
Poet laureate of the United States=163/38th prime..Donald Hall=38
 Eagle Pond=38,79/22nd prime..dead on a day with 22 numerology

Some poets come to their art in youth, but few as early as Donald Hall. He made up his mind to be a poet when he was 14, began to write poems several hours a day, and never wavered from his calling in a long, prolific life. Upon being appointed poet laureate of the United States in 2006, Mr. Hall explained simply his view of the value of poetry: “It is beautiful,” he said, adding that “there is no other purpose than the beauty of it. And that is reason enough to be.”
Mr. Hall died Saturday night. His death was announced by Wendy Strothman, Mr. Hall’s literary executor. He was 89 and had lived much of his life at the old farm called Eagle Pond, his family’s ancestral homestead, in Wilmot, N.H.



How Mike Trout stacks up to MLB's greats over his first 1,000 games

How Mike Trout stacks up to MLB's greats over his first 1,000 games

6/18/2018=24,42,62,26...169th day 196 left
169/13 sq. rt..13+13=26
he's 26 yrs old..he plays center field=196,101/26th prime
for the LA Angels=26 This story is
It seems like yesterday that Mike Trout was called up to the majors in 2011, still a teenager. It seems like yesterday when he had a rookie season for the ages in 2012 and we had that bare-knuckle MVP debate between Trout and Miguel Cabrera. Trout is having his best season yet, leading the majors in home runs (23), runs (62), walks (67), OBP (.471), OPS (1.155) and WAR (6.6). Somehow, he's also played 1,000 career games. With the milestone reached, let's compare some of his numbers to how some other famous ballplayers did through 1,000 games...

The number: 26 years, 318 days...Wins Above Replacement=318

That's how old he'll be when he plays game No. 1,000, and don't underestimate either what an accomplishment it is to reach 1,000 so young, nor how significant it could end up being to his legacy. ....
Michael Nelson Trout is an American professional baseball center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels of Major League Baseball. Trout is a six-time MLB All-Star, and received the American League Most Valuable Player=137,187 award in 2014 and 2016. Wikipedia
BornAugust 7, 1991 (age 26 years), Vineland, NJ=42,57..Mike trout=42,57
8/7/1991=15,106,125,35...219th day 146 left..all star=106/ all star=160/16
Height6′ 2″
Salary15.25 million USD (2016)
Home runs224
Current teamLos Angeles Angels (#27 / Center fielder)
his WAR is 61.7...617/113th prime..WAR=42 Mike Trout
W.A.R stands for Wins Above Replacement=111,87..Mike Trout=111..born on 8/7.. 87

224 career HRS..Michael Nelson Trout=224...89/24th prime on a day with 24 numerology
one thousand games=80,181/42nd prime..Mike Trout=42

Saturday, June 23, 2018

With call-up by A's, Edwin Jackson to join record-tying 13th team

With call-up by A's, Edwin Jackson to join record-tying 13th team

6/23/2018=29,47,67,22..174th day 191 left
A's=34 he's 34 yrs old

The Oakland Athletics plan to call up veteran right-hander Edwin Jackson to start Monday's game in Detroit, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.
Oakland marks Jackson's 13th major league team, matching former reliever Octavio Dotel's record.=223
minor league deal with the A's on June 6.
He had been slated to start for Triple-A Nashville on Monday, the Chronicle reported. Jackson is 0-1 with a 4.02 ERA in three starts for the Sounds, having allowed 12 hits and eight walks in 15⅔ innings while striking out 16.
Jackson has started 288 of his 377 career major league games since his debut in September 2003 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He has a 98-120 record with a 4.67 ERA.

The injury-ravaged A's rotation currently has five starters on the disabled list: Trevor Cahill (Achilles tendon strain), Daniel Gossett (elbow strain), Brett Anderson (shoulder strain), Andrew Triggs (nerve irritation in arm), and Jharel Cotton, who is done for the season after undergoing Tommy John surgery.
Edwin Jackson is an American professional baseball pitcher in the Oakland Athletics organization. He has played in Major League Baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Tampa Bay Devil Rays / Rays, Detroit ...Wikipedia
BornSeptember 9, 1983 (age 34 years), Neu-Ulm, Germany=169/13 sq. rt...his major league debut was on 9/9/2003..20  yrs from his b-day!..
9/9/1983=18,101,120,39...252nd day 113 left..
born on 9/9 or 99..Thirteen=99..if he wins his next start he will be 99-120 (120 matches his birth numerology) ERA is 4.67../91st prime/91/13th triangular..he's been in 377 career games..377/14th fibonacci#
this happened 2 months 2 weeks 3 days/223, 78 days(if you include end date,79).79/22nd prime..happened on a day with 22 numerology, pitcher=79 11 weeks 1 day/111
this was 41 weeks after his 33rd b-day..41/13th was 287 days..287/41st prime..288 (if you include end date) 288 career Games Started
today has 47 numerology...Oakland Athletics=56

Vinnie Paul, Pantera drummer and co-founder, dies at 54

Vinnie Paul, Pantera drummer and co-founder, dies at 54

6/22/2018=28,46,66,21..173rd day 192 left

Vincent Paul Abbott, also known as Vinnie Paul, was an American musician, songwriter and producer, best known for being the former drummer, and co-founder, of the heavy metal band Pantera. He was a member of former Hellyeah. Wikipedia
BornMarch 11, 1964 (age 54 years), Abilene, TX
3/11 or 11/3..113/30th prime..Pantera=30..311's or 33
3/11/1964=14,78,97,25...71st day 295 left..(leap yr)....he died 3 months 11 days/311(like his birth date) after his 54th bday..also 103 days..3 months 1 weeks 4 days/314..born on the 11th ..died on 22nd..
death=97,25..drummer=97, 92,38..Abilene, TX=92,38
CNN)Vinnie Paul, the drummer and founding member of the metal band Pantera has died, the band announced on Facebook.
"Vincent Paul Abbott aka Vinnie Paul has passed away," the band said in a statement.
Paul, who was 54, was also known for his work as a drummer for the metal band Hellyeah.
No further details are available at this time.
    "The family requests you please respect their privacy during this time," the band said

    Sunday, June 17, 2018

    Giants sign catcher, No. 2 pick Joey Bart to record $7 million deal

    Giants sign catcher, No. 2 pick Joey Bart to record $7 million deal

    6/17/2018=23,41,61,25...168th day 197 left
    no.2 pick=33,96..Joey Bart=33,96
    born in '96..
    Joseph Andrew Bart is an American college baseball catcher for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Wikipedia
    BornDecember 15, 1996 (age 21 years), Buford, GA 12/15/1996=27, 123,142,34..350th day 16 left (leap year)..he signed 181 days before his 22nd b-day..181/42nd prime..25 weeks 6 days/256/16 16 days left in the year in which he was born..also like highest upfront bonus=256

    Bart=41..on a day with 41 numerology,179/41st prime..catcher=41,31 Bart=31
    7.03 million or 73/21st prime..he's 21 yrs old
    The San Francisco Giants signed Georgia Tech catcher Joey Bart, the No. 2 overall pick in the MLB amateur draft, on Sunday.
    According to, he signed for $7.03 million -- the highest up-front bonus paid to a position player in MLB draft history. Despite that, the Giants were able to sign him below the slot value assigned to the pick, which was $7,494,600

    Saturday, June 16, 2018

    Matt (Guitar) Murphy, notable blues guitarist, dead at 88

    Matt (Guitar) Murphy, notable blues guitarist, dead at 88

    Matt (Guitar) Murphy, a renowned blues guitarist who played with The Blues Brothers and jammed with musical heavyweights Muddy Waters, Etta James and Chuck Berry, died Friday. He was 88. Murphy's nephew Floyd Murphy Jr. confirmed his death in a Facebook post. It was unclear how he died. A bluesman throughout his life, Murphy rose to fame when he joined The Blues Brothers, a band founded by comedians Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi in 1978 as part of a musical sketch on "Saturday Night Live."Murphy went on to appear in the 1980 film "The Blues Brothers" and its 1998 sequel "Blues Brothers 2000" as the husband of a cafe owner played by Aretha Franklin...Matt "Guitar" Murphy=78

    Matthew Tyler Murphy, known as Matt "Guitar" Murphy, was an American blues guitarist. He was associated with the bands The Blues Brothers and Howlin' Wolf. Wikipedia
    231/21st triangular#..201/21 died on a day with 21 numerology..Matthew Tyler Murphy=89 born on a day with 89 numerology..also 91/13th triangular#..born a day with 41/13th prime numerology
    blues=59,23 died on a day with 59,23 numerology..the blues brothers=89,91..Saturday Night Live=89,215..Matthew Tyler Murphy=215
    BornDecember 29, 1929, Sunflower, MS.=60,66..died on 15/6 or 156.."thirty three"=60,66,156..he played with Howlin Wolf=137/33rd prime also with Chuck Berry=156
    appeared in the movie,the Blues Brothers, with Aretha Franklin=66
    DiedJune 15, 2018...6/15/2018=21,39,59,23..166th day 199 left.

    12/29/1929=41,70,89,35, 363rd day 2 days left..he died 5 months 23 days/523 after his 88th b-day..168 days..523/99th prime.."thirteen"=99..also "notable blues guitarist"=99