Thursday, May 30, 2019

A janitor becomes a millionaire with a lottery win. But he says he won't quit his job

He won the 4-27 drawing on 5-17..and its reported 12 days later...from the drawing to this story
From and including: Saturday, April 27, 2019
To and including: Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Result: 33 days

May 17 is the 137th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. 228 days remain until the end of the year. Wikipedia..5-17-2019=22,41,61,25,34..lottery=34
Vito Halasan" = 

(Full Reduction)
137/33rd prime..janitor=33..Vito=66..on the Check it says Vito H.=74 Lottery=74

CNN)A Canadian man became $5 million ($7 million CAD) richer after winning the British Columbia Lottery, but he has no plans to leave his job as a janitor.
Just a few days after celebrating his 58th birthday, Vito Halasan matched all six numbers to win the jackpot from the April 27 draw.
"I have really blurry vision, so I had to hold the ticket right up to my face," Halasan said in a release. "I couldn't believe it."

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Ellen DeGeneres recounts assault by her Stepfather in David Letterman interview

From CNN...
This story is posted 123 days after Ellen's 61st b-day. The name of Letterman's show is "my guest needs no introduction"-123. Her"stepfather"-152..abused her..Ellen Lee DeGeneres-152. This interview will be aired on a day with 48,21  numerology. 5-3-1-2-0-1-9..21. 5-31-2-0-1-9..48. Ellen-21,48,87. Abuse-21,48,87,33. Thirty three-141.It will be aired on "my guest needs no introduction"-141. It will be aired on a day with 36 numerology. 5-31..36. Letterman-36. From Ellen's birthday to the air date of the interview is 4 months 6 days. DeGeneres-46. Stepfather-46. This story came out on a day with 46 numerology. 5-29-2-0-1-9..46. The abuse started after her mom was diagnosed with "breast cancer"-46,55. DeGeneres-55. Stepfather-55,53. This story came out on a day with 53 numerology. 5-29-19..53. Also 73 numerology. 5-29-20-19..73. 73-21 prime number. Ellen-21. Abuse-21. The story came out 4 weeks 4 days after her b-day. De Generes-44. Cancer-44,118. Stepfather-118.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Man dies in plane after swallowing 246 packets of cocaine

From CNN.
The man's name is..Udo N-54
He swallowed '246 packets" -54,42.
He is 42 years old. He is from....Japan-42. This was reported on a day with 33 numerology. 5-28..33. Drugs--33. "246 packets"-33. Swallow-33,24 drugs-24,33.

Mount Everest death toll rises to 11 amid overcrowding concerns

5-27-2019=32,51,71,26,44..147th day 218 left
Word or PhraseFull ReductionReverse Ordinal
Mount Everest51147
Mount Everest=147 on the 147th day..Mount Everest=51 on a day with 51 numerology. 5+27+19=51
Christopher John Kulish," = 

(Single Reduction)
131/32nd prime number..he died on a day with 32 numerology. 5+27=32.
Kulish=26 on a day with 26 numerology. 5+2+7+2+0+1+9=26.
CNN)Another mountaineer has died after summiting Mount Everest, bringing the death toll for the 2019 climbing season to 11 people.
American attorney Christopher John Kulish, 62, died on Monday after reaching the top of Everest on the Nepalese side of the mountain in the morning, Meera Acharya, the Director of Nepal's Tourism Department told CNN.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Bill Buckner all star slugger best known for his '86 World Series error, is dead at 69

Bill Buckner-69. Dead at age 69. His career started in '69. World Series-69,147. He died on the 147th day of the year. Bill Buckner-71. Died on a day with 71 numerology. 5-27-20-19..71. He played with the Boston Red Sox-71. Died after a struggle with 'dementia'-71. Died on a day with 26 numerology. 5-2-7-2-0-1-9..26. Born on a day with 26 numerology. 12-14..26. He died 6 months 17 day..(617) before his 70th b-day. 617-113th prime number. 'World series error'-113. Buckner-74. Error-74. It was 33 years ago in "game six"-33. In New York-33. Bill Buckner-46. First baseman-46. William Joseph Buckner-100. "World series gaffe"-100. New York Mets-51 on a day with 51 numerology. 5-27-19..51.

A 47 year old man is charged with giving drugs to a 13 year old and dropping her off at a hospital when she died

From CNN..really? A 47 year old drops her at 4:47 at the hospital?!
Carlos-94. 47-47..94. Carlos Rivera-69 drugs-69,33. Carlos Rivera-141,60. Thirty three-60,141. The 13 yr old is from Amesbury-41. 41-13th prime number. Hospital-37,44. Rivera-37,44.

10 people shot, one fatally at Memorial day weekend gathering in Virginia

From CNN..story posted at 10:09.. Shooting-109.
It happened in Holy Cove-42. On Memorial day-181. 181-42nd prime number. It was @ a 'gathering'-89,53 in Virginia-89,53. Memorial day-53. On a day with 31 numerology. 5-26..31. Virginia-127. 127-31st prime number. 10 shot..ten-42. One-47..killed. Killed-26 on the 26th. In the Chesapeake-47...area

Sunday, May 26, 2019

I can only imagine

I saw this movie.."I can only imagine"-151. Its 1 hour and 51 minutes long. Its about the singer, Bart Milard-79. "I can only imagine"-79. He's from Greenville,Texas-79,83. "I can only imagine"-83. The lead actor, John Michael Finley-83. The Irwin Brothers-(211) directed it. 211-47th prime number. Bart Millard-47. The film was released 21 weeks 1 day..211..before Finley's 30th b-day. The song is 4:07 long...4:07-47. The Irwin Brothers-94. 47-47..94. It was released 218 days after Finley's 29th b-day. In 2018..218. John Michael Finley-88. Born in '88.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Oscar winner calls Trump greatest president since Lincoln

From CNN...
Jon Voigt-42 said this on a day with 42 numerology. 5-25-2-0-1-9..42. Abraham Lincoln-123 Jon Voight-123. Abraham Lincoln-255.. On 5-25 or 25-5..255. This was 147 days after his 80th b-day. President of the United States-147. President-47. Trump-47. President-110. Lincoln-110. Jon Voight-48. Donald Trump-48,60. Abraham Lincoln-60. Voight  won an "Oscar"-79. Born with 79 numerology. 12-29-38..79. Lincoln-79. Oscar-34. Lincoln-34. Oscar-56. President-56.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Theresa May undone by Brexit will step down as Prime Minister

From NY Times..
May resigns in appropriate.
Shortest time in office as PM. 1,044 days up until announcement. 5-24 is the 144th day. 1,044-144. May-12..12 sq.root of 144. The article talks about the near exact parallel between May and Margaret Thatcher. Saying the Daily Mirror said the same thing about them both. "Tears in the back seat"-64. Theressa Mary May-64. Thatcher-43. Theresa May-43. "Tears in the back seat"-116. From her "step down"-116 to her 63rd b-day is 116 days. She announced on a day with 23 numerology. 5-2-4-2-0-1-9..23. She was born with 23 numerology. 1-0-1-1-9-5-6..23. She was born with 91 days left in the year. Resigns-91,44,37. Step down-44,37. 130 days before her b-day she announced.q 130-13. 91-13th triangular number. She will be gone on 6-7. A day with 13 numerology. The reason she resigned was because of "Brexit"-39. May-39.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Oregon State student dies in fall while taking photos at a scenic overlook

Word or PhraseEnglish OrdinalFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full Reduction
Michelle Casey.1205723169
the headline:
Oregon State student dies in fall while taking photos at a scenic overlook" = 
(Reverse Full Reduction)


347/69th prime number.. Michelle Casey=69
Michelle Casey=231. 231/21st triangular number. 
She was 21 yrs old. Reported on a day  21 numerology. 5+2+2+2+0+1+9=21,
died on 5-19-2019=24,43,63,27,36..139th day 226 left..she's a student=103.. at "Oregon State University"=103. 103/27th prime. She died on a day with 27 numerology. 5+1+9+2+0+1+9=27.
she died at 
"Neahkahnie Mountain," = 

(Reverse Ordinal)
303/33 on a sunday. Sunday=33. In Oregon the 33rd state. OR=33. 
CNN)An Oregon State University student died Sunday after falling approximately 100 feet while taking photographs at a scenic coastal viewpoint along Highway 101, according to the Tillamook County Sheriff's Office.
The victim has been identified by Oregon State officials as 21-year-old Michelle Casey. She was seriously injured when she slipped and fell while taking pictures at Neahkahnie Mountain, according to CNN affiliate KPTV.
Casey's boyfriend told deputies that she landed in a tree, which prevented her from falling into the Pacific Ocean, the sheriff's office said in a press release on Monday.
"Assistance was requested from Cannon Beach for a Rope Rescue and they dispatched a High Angle Rescue Team who arrived at approximately 10:51 AM," the release said.  
    First responders told KPTV that the extrication and rescue were difficult, and it took the rope team two hours to reach her. Casey was flown to a Portland hospital, where she died from injuries sustained in the fall, according to KPTV.
    In a statement to CNN affiliate KOIN, Casey's family said she had chosen to be an organ donor, a decision that they said saved two lives.

    Stephen A. Smith reacts to "Warriors first team to five straight NBA Finals since 1966 Celtics"

    youtube video

    Warriors first team to five straight NBA Finals since 1966 Celtics"" = 

    (Single Reduction)



    317/66th prime number
    on a day with 66 numerology..5+22+20+19=66
    The 66' Celtics
    Boston Celtics" = 

    (Single Reduction)

    Thirty three=66
    "Smith" = 

    (Reverse Ordinal)
    Word or PhraseFull ReductionSingle ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full Reduction
    NBA Finals334216557