Thursday, May 3, 2018

137/33rd prime...dairy=33..cows=48 , holstein=48

Holstein Association USA is the largest dairy breed organization in the world.

The Association headquarters are located in Brattleboro, Vermont, where they have been since 1903.

There are over 20,000 adult members and 8,000 junior members who have a strong interest in breeding, raising and milking Registered Holstein®cattle.

The Association processes over 370,000 registrations and 70,000 transfers each year. On an average day, 1,400 registrations are received and processed.
Since its formation, the Holstein Association has been dedicated to the development of the Holstein breed. Today, Holstein cattle dominate the U.S. dairy industry due to unexcelled production, greater income over feed costs, unequaled genetic merit and their adaptability to a wide range of environmental conditions.

Holstein Association USA maintains the records for all ancestry, identity, ownership and performance information on more than 22 million Registered Holstein cattle that is contained in Association files.

The Association is in the business of providing information to dairy producers, members and nonmembers. This data is translated into information used by producers in making profitable business decisions.

Producers who use Association programs and services find they can make accurate breeding and management decisions, set goals for their herd, evaluate management practices, determine market value of breeding stock, and predict performance and profitability of animals not yet born.

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