Thursday, December 6, 2018

America's Next Top Model’ contestant Jael Strauss dead at 34 after stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis

cancer=44 Detroit=44 Michigan=44

July 3, 1984 (age 34 years), Detroit, MI
born to have stage 4 breast cancer
185th day 181 left (leap yr)
died 12/5/2018=17,35,55,19,28..339th day 26 left
Jael Strauss=55,28
she died 155 days  from her 34th b-day..

America's Next Top Model=232.88,97,308,110

died of.. breast cancer=55 fitting died on a day with 55 numerology..Jael Strauss=55..also: she was named accordingly!

55 is the 10th triangular and fibonacci number

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