Tuesday, April 10, 2018

21-Year-Old Rookie Jordan Hicks Is the New Hardest Thrower in MLB

21-Year-Old Rookie Jordan Hicks Is the New Hardest Thrower in MLB

4/9/2018=13,31,51,24  99th day 266th day
Jordan Hicks=49  (he wears #49!) on 4/9 rookie=89/24th prime(he wore#89 in spring training),73/21st prime.. 21 yr old
born 9/6/1996=15,111,130,40..250th day 116 left (leap year)Velocity=111,105/15,42

Velocity isn't everything, but it's definitely something. Just ask St. Louis Cardinals rookie Jordan Hicks.
Or, more accurately, ask the guys he's faced in his brief, scintillating MLBaudition.
"I looked at [35-year-old St. Louis catcher] Yadier Molina after my swing and said, 'Oh, man, good to be young again,'" veteran New York Mets third baseman Todd Frazier, 32, said, per Joe Trezza of MLB.com. "That's not fair. What the hell's that about?"
Frazier struck out on a 99.3(99th day of the year) mph sinker, according to StatCast, as Trezza noted. Overall, Hicks fanned three with one hit allowed in 3.1(on a day with 31 numerology) innings versus the Mets.
Hicks didn't reach legal U.S. drinking age until September 2017. With the fastballs he's slinging, he'll make many big league hitters consider pouring themselves a stiff one.

Through an admittedly minuscule sample size of 5.1 innings, Hicks' average fastball has clocked in at 99.9 mph,..upside down its 666

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