Sunday, April 8, 2018

66 Young Black Elected Officials Release National Agenda to Combat Police Brutality

66 Young Black Elected Officials Release National Agenda to Combat Police Brutality

66? 33+33=66..66 books in the Bible
bible=33 police=33
this came from THEIR website...
373/74th prime...167/39th prime  young black=39

Young Black Elected Officials=142 (71x2),119,457/88th prime.."forty two"=142 blacks=42

trump=88  YEO=9 on day with 9 numerology ,45 on 4/5 Trump is the 45th president YEO Network=47,119..President=47 Trump=47

4/5/2018=9,27,47,20...95th day...270 left..police brutality=71/20th prime
Following Stephon Clark’s Murder, Young Black Elected Officials are Calling on Trump and Peers to Address Police Brutality Alongside Gun Violence
Washington, DC=137/33rd prime,187 – Following the last night’s police killing of Saheed Vassell=42, and the brutal murder of Stephon Clark=142 by police just two weeks ago, the National Black Caucus of the Young Elected Officials Network (YEO Network) has released a new police brutality agenda for the nation in an open letter to Donald Trump, California elected officials, and their peers nationwide. The letter, signed by 66 young black elected officials, calls for a joint approach to police brutality and gun violence, twin ills that are destroying lives of far too many young people of color.
“Police brutality is a national issue,” said Baltimore=95(on the 95th day) City Council Member Brandon Scott=71,55,  Gun violence=55 on the call. “President Trump’s comments to the contrary, that this is just a local issue, are disrespectful. If we are truly going to solve this, we need the Department of Justice to invest nationally in body camera technology=211/47th prime,95, 329(47x7) and law enforcement training.”

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