Sunday, April 22, 2018

4 dead, several injured in shooting at Waffle House near Nashville

4 dead, several injured in shooting at Waffle House near Nashville

4/22/2018=26,44,64,19...112th day 253 left
4 dead 4 injured/44..on a day with 44 numerology
thirty three=141..shooting=44,109/29th prime (suspect is 29) 109/19 on a day with 19 numerology

Four people are dead and four others injured after a shooting at a Waffle House in Tennessee=137/33rd prime early Sunday morning. Nashville=141
Nashville police said six people were shot, including the four who died, and two others were also injured in the incident at about 3:30 a.m. local time on Sunday in Antioch, Tennessee.
Two of those who died were fatally shot outside the restaurant, and one inside, police said. A fourth person died at the hospital.
Vanderbilt Hospital has two patients who were shot in the incident.
Antioch is a suburban neighborhood about 12 miles southeast of downtown Nashville.
Police said the suspect was wearing only a green jacket and was otherwise nude at the time of the shooting. A patron managed to wrestle away the rifle being used by the suspect, police said.
Nashville police also announced that they are searching for a person of interest in the shooting whom they identified as Travis Reinking, 29, of Morton, Ill. A tweet from the police said the vehicle that the gunman arrived in at the Waffle House was registered to Reinking.
 Rein king? Rain king?  he was nude=19,44,64
waffle house=176

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