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A's Sean Manaea pitches first no-hitter vs. Red Sox in 25 years

A's Sean Manaea pitches first no-hitter vs. Red Sox in 25 years

4/21 has 25 numerology
4/21/2018=25,43,63,18..111th day 254 left
61 /18th prime on a day with 18 numerology. no hitter=109/29th prime Sean Manaea=29 ..Boston Red Sox=170/17 Manaea=17
Oakland Athletics=97/25th prime matching the day numerology
Oakland=131/32nd Prime,Red Sox=32
no-no=22,58 Oakland=22,58
OAKLAND, Calif. -- A's lefty Sean Manaea pitched the first no-hitter against Boston in 25 years, with an overturned call=170/17,82(4/21 or 421/82nd prime) preserving the gem Saturday night in Oakland's 3-0 win over the sizzling Red Sox.
Manaea struck out 10, walked two (bb or 22) and threw 108/18 pitches to finish off Oakland's first no-no since Dallas Braden=93 tossed a perfect game against Tampa Bay=79/22nd prime,25,137/33rd prime,47 in 2010...on mother's day=47 that was 8 years ago..this snapped Boston's 8 game winning streak
Manaea got Hanley Ramirez to ground out to complete the first no-hitter versus the Red Sox since Seattle's Chris Bosio=63(matching the day numerology)153/17th triangular# did it in 1993.
The Red Sox went into Saturday's game with a 17-2 (Boston Red Sox=170/17)record and riding an eight-game winning streak=121/11 sq.rt., the longest active winning streak in baseball. Furthermore, Boston led MLB in runs (123)Manaea's ERA is 1.23), batting average (.293)(date of last no hitter vs sox), on-base percentage (.361), and slugging percentage (.497). Manaea didn't just throw a no-hitter Saturday. He no-hit the best hitting team in MLB.
It should be noted the no-hitter was not without controversy. Sandy Leon reached base on an error in the fifth inning when shortstop Marcus Semien couldn't make an over-the-shoulder catch in shallow center field. The ball did deflect off his glove, though it was a difficult play, the kind of the play that is usually called a base hit.
Sean Anthony Manaea=63(matching the day numerology)171/18 triang.# is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Oakland Athletics of Major League Baseball. He played college baseball for the Indiana State Sycamores=109/29th prime at Indiana State University.Wikipedia--same as Boston legend Larry Bird Bird=33..Indiana=137/33rd prime..he wore #33..Oakland A's=33 no hit=66
BornFebruary 1, 1992 (age 26 years),born in 92 reflection is 29 =11  Wanatah=23,68, 121/11 sq. rt.IN
2/1/1992=3,95,114,24...32nd day...334 left (leap year) his record is 3-2 so far in 2018.they won the game 3-0
Oakland=32 Red Sox=32...born on 2/1 is 1/2 in most of the world or 12..Manaea=37/12th prime
His no hitter (the first in 2018) came 79 days after  his 26th  b-day..79/22nd prime..Oakland=22 No-no=22, lefty=22(he's left handed=43(like the day numerology),191/43rd prime,79,47) was also 2 months and 20 days/220 or 22.Also it was 11 weeks 2 days/112.  11's again. 

more ...
Manaea's no-hitter is the first=63 like the day numerology for the A's since Dallas Braden's perfect game on May 9, 2010. ...5/9/2010=14,24,44,17.(24 like Manaea's birth numerology).(no hitter=44)It is the seventh no-hitter in Oakland A's history and the 12th no-hitter in A's franchise history overall. (The Philadelphia A's had five. The Kansas City A's never had a no-hitter.)
Coincidentally enough, Manaea=37/12th prime ..12 no hitters in franchise history!.. was interviewed on the field after the game by Braden=37(44 like no hitter), who provides field level analysis for NBC Sports California during A's broadcasts. The last two A's(two A's..aa=11) to throw a no-hitter were on the field together minutes after the final out was recorded. Pretty cool.

Dallas Braden
American baseball athlete
Dallas Lee Braden=61(Sean Manaea=61),290/29,(no-hitter=29)92 the year Manaea was born..8 years apart. is a former American professional baseball pitcher. He played in Major League Baseball for the Oakland Athletics from 2007 through 2011. Wikipedia
BornAugust 13, 1983 (age 34 years), Phoenix, AZ
perfect storm=59..he did it on 5/9..59/17th prime..he wears number 51 (17x3)..he's 34 now..17x2..the tagline.."Why..masterpiece"=1007/17 Perfect is emphasized perfect=37 braden=37 perfect=73/21st prime..matching his birth numerology..

more and more...
The Red Sox were last no-hit by current Detroit Tigers pitching coach Chris Bosio. He got them on April 22, 1993. 22 like Oakland=22 no-no=22 like 79 days after Manaea's birth day..79/22nd prime..april 22 is earth day=44 no hitter=44(4/22/1993=26,119,138,30,..112th day(112 like 1 month 12 days after Sean Manaea's b-day until the no hit) 253 left(138..the b- day of Braden 8/13..13/8 138)Boston was no-hit almost 30 years to the day since they were last no-hit. 
Furthermore, the Red Sox had the second longest active streak of not being no-hit prior to Saturday. The A's, coincidentally enough, have the longest such streak. They haven't been no-hit since July 13, 1991...13/7 137/33rd prime..7/13/1991=20,111, 130,31..194th day 171 left Four Baltimore Orioles pitchers no-hit the Athletics that day.
The A's originally acquired Manaea from the Kansas City Royals at the 2015 trade deadline in the Ben Zobrist deal. The Royals drafted him out of Indiana State with the 34th overall pick in the 2013 draft.

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