Monday, February 26, 2018


Brattleboro founded on December 26, 1753..12/26/1753=38,91, 108, 27
360th day 5 left
original name  Brattleborough=65,79,164 
in 1888 it was changed to Brattleboro..1754-1888..130 years as Brattleboro
169/13 is sq.rt...47=foundation,framework,authority,government

rt.9,5,142,30  interstate 91/13th prime
forty two=142

Location in the United States
Coordinates: 42°51′0″N 72°34′56″W
lies at the confluence of three rivers
Connecticut River/Whetstone brook/West River
Whetstone=42  West=13,41/13th prime
current town manager=58
Named after William Brattle=58,221,157
The first person ever to receive a Social Security benefit check, issued on January 31, 1940 was Ida May Fuller from Brattleboro.[24]
first benefit check=91
1/31/1940=32,72,91,19...72 degrees north
31st day 335 left
sacrifice/mason=62  91/13th prime 199/46th prime 179/41st prime

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