Monday, February 26, 2018

bohannon intentional misses free throw

This video clip is 1:56 thirty three=156,60
56th day 309 left
free throw record=181/42nd prime
IOWA CITY, Iowa -- Jordan Bohannon's tremendous 3-point shooting -- and the respect he showed in preserving a record held by Iowa legend Chris Street -- gave Hawkeyes fans a rare reason to smile at the tail end of a dismal season.
bohannon intentional misses free throw to stay on 34..Bohannon=34 Jordan Bohannon=64,71
Hawkeyes=34,119 murder=34  139/34th prime..freemasonry=139
Iowa=21,48,60 Northwestern=64,62,71,145,179
Iowa Hawkeyes=64,62,145,179
Bohannon scored 25 points with seven 3s and Iowa held off Northwestern 77-70 in the Hawkeyes' home finale on Sunday night, snapping a six-game losing streak.
77-70=147 points..freemason=147,48,42
Christopher Michael "Chris" Street=181/42nd prime,154,170/17 was an American college basketball power forward for the Iowa Hawkeyes. A potential NBA player, he died in an automobile accident=73,107 during his junior year at Iowa. Wikipedia
BornFebruary 2, 1972, Iowa  2/2/1972=4,76,95,23..33rd day of the year 
DiedJanuary 19(1/19/119), 1993Iowa City, IA=1/19/1993=20, 113, 132,42
Iowa legend=95
ritual sacrifice=154,73/21st prime

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