Wednesday, February 28, 2018

daniel carl long 213-233-3998

Daniel Carl Long=41 (sept) 120 (jewish)80   ..Daniel(דניאל) in hebrew=41 my stage name Dan Lefkowitz=41(sept.)
girlfriend phayvanh=41 from laos=11,47 refugees=41
born..12/29/1969=41,110/11, 120/12, 39..jew=11
363 day  2 left..(3x11x11
married  2/14/2004=16,20,22,13..(jamaica=20,52 buff bay jamaica=47,88)kimona k hall=64,107/28th prime born 6/19/1980=25,105,124,34..80 like Daniel Carl Long..170th day 
45th day 321 left she had a daughter Christol=41..christol skyers=93,177 Christol Caitlin Skyers=269/57th prime like Daniel Long 93,177..christol long=64
47 day after my 34th birthday Kim Hall=42...we met when i was 33..i lived on prospect=41 at the time..prospect st=47(sept)..prospect street=64,80,179/41st prime
Brattleboro=47,169/13 sq.
Born in Burlington=51,57,132  Daniel Long=51
lived in South hero=57,42,48
moved to Terre Haute=121(11),Indiana=47,52 larry bird=64.ISU=13
moved to California=52,88
lived in an airstream trailer..airstream=41
malibu=22(2 11's),41/13th prime
culver city=48,132 Burlington/South hero match
bellevue=42,132   culver city,burlington,south hero
brattleboro sits on 42 degrees 72
lived on 472..13 hinesburg west=13.41
west brattleboro=64(jewish)69

graduated HS in 88..if you write out eighty eight=69..the year i was born..BUHS=22..2 11's..went o UVM=11..majored in history-42,51,39 changed to political science=74..polisci=47
110 matches my birth numerology..11..106/ numerology married..290/ i was born..223/48th prime..48 like richland,s.hero and culver city
zawadi=28,64  like Daniel Carl Long=64 and Kimon K hall=64,28..christol long=64
I was 41 when Z was born kim was 31/11th prime
z's bday=2/16/2011=18,29,49,13
..i was born on the 29th with 13 numerology in my marriage date
47th day of the year Z was born..318 left
Christol born..11/3/1998=13,112,131,32
307th day 58 left

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