Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Jose Ramirez: The Infectious Swagger of MLB's New Hitting Machine

59..number stamped on black people...article appeared on 59th day of year

Jose Ramirez: The Infectious Swagger of MLB's New Hitting Machine

but its dated 2/27/2018=29,47,67/19th prime,22
58th day 307 left
played left field for 47 games
t-shirt line=62
brand of coffee=62
Roberto Perez=62
It's more of a strut than a walk.
Jose Ramirez's shoulders bounce. His arms pump. His legs shuffle forward. His head nods.
And that's just as he's leaving the dugout to head to the on-deck circle.
There are so many things that make Ramirez special, so many things that make his Cleveland Indians=67 teammates love him. But it's the walk they all try to imitate.
"No one can do it like him," Indians catcher Roberto Perez said.
They all try.
"It's difficult to imitate," Ramirez said. "But it's natural for me. I've been doing it all my life."
So much seems to come naturally for Ramirez, a likable 25-year-old who stands out in a crowd despite being just 5'9". He plays second base or third base, whatever the Indians need. He's a shortstop, too. And when the Indians needed a left fielder in 2016, Ramirez stepped in and started 47 games there, no problem. He was back at third base when the Indians went to the World Series for the first time in 19 years later that fall, split time between second and third in 2017 and is pencilled in as the third baseman this spring.

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