Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Hawking dead at 76

born 1/8/1942=9,51,93,25...8th day 357 left
died 3/14/2018=17,35,55,19...73rd day 292 left
he was 76..blood sacrifice=76
died on PI day ..3.14 he's a mathematician 14/3 143..Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=143
he died 2 months 6 days/26 after his 76th bday..65 days Stephen Hawking=65 Hawking=116 Theoretical physicist=116
Scientist=37,55 Hawking=37  physicist=65

Hawking=73...sacrifice=46,73,55 dead with a day with 35 numerology..Stephen Hawking=79 William=79 murder=79,34..death=218(eng extended) 239/52nd prime..mathematics=112...113/30th prime
einstein born on 3/14/1879=33...hawking died on 3/14/2018
hawking born on 6/27...139/34 yrs from birth of einstein to death of hawking..karl marx died on pi camp father of am camp=112

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