Sunday, March 11, 2018

kaya seigel

born---3/22/1996=25,121,140,32  ..82nd day  284 left (leap year)
.121/11 is sq. rt...140/14..
death=25..dead=14..ritual sacrifice=82
.skull and bones#322
died 3/8/2018=11,29,49,22..dead 14 days before his 22nd bday
born on the 22nd of march. died on the 67th day blood sacrifice=67

Kaya=38,11,25..dead on 3/8 or 38..death=38,25
Kaya Seigel=25(chaldean)41,58,95,50
heroin=25 (chaldean)30,42,93,69
Kaya Seigel=50 Alex Firth=50
Alexander Daniel Firth, 27, of Brattleboro, Vt., beloved son and friend, formerly of New Gretna, N.J., passed away on March 22, 2014. Alex was born on February 20, 1987.
2/20/1987=22,109,131,29  51st day 314  left
3/22/2014=25,39,59,14   81st day 284 left
Alexander Daniel Firth=190/19,350/35
he died 30 days before his 28th bday..also 4 weeks 2 days/42

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