Monday, March 19, 2018

Kids Accused Of Injecting Dog With Cocaine

Kids Accused Of Injecting Dog With Cocaine

it happened on 3/8/2018=11,29,49, 22...37th day 328 left
reported on 3/15/2018=18,36,56,20   44th day 321 left
cocaine=50 THC=50
kids=29 Philadelphia=65 Kids=65
Faithful Friends Animal Society=304/34, 133
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A dog is recovering in Delaware after it was reportedly injected with cocaine by kids in Philadelphia.
Faithful Friends Animal Society says one-year-old Peanut was picked up from ACCT Philadelphia on March 8 after she was found “hardly moving on the sidewalks in Philly.”=193/44th prime
After several tests, Faithful Friends said Peanut tested positive for cocaine and THC.
“Sweet Peanut had a long night under critical care and she fought for her life. She made it through the night and showed signs of significant improvements the following morning. Her tremors have not gone away completely, but she’s now able to stand, walk, eat, and drink. Her care was transferred back to Faithful Friends, where she received constant care, continued to get fluids, and was monitored very closely,” the organization writes on Facebook.

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