Thursday, March 29, 2018

Cubs' Ian Happ Crushes Home Run on 1st Pitch of Season vs. Marlins

Cubs' Ian Happ Crushes Home Run on 1st Pitch of Season vs. Marlins

3/29/2018=32,50,70,25..88th day 287 left 3/29 or 29/3 293/62nd prime Chicago Cubs=62

home run=32 America=32,49,50,139/34th prime Marlins=32,49 Miami Marlins=131/32nd prime
born 8/12/1994=20,114,133,34  224th day 141 left he hit the HR 137(33rd prime) days before his b-day
Ian Happ=34 like his birth numerology  Thirty three=66,141 Ian Happ=65  First pitch=65 Opening day=56 First pitch=56
Chicago Cubs outfielder Ian Happ didn't waste any time starting the 2018 Major League Baseball season with a bang. 
Hitting leadoff against Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Urena, Happ drove the first pitch he saw over thePer's Daren Willman, Happ's homer traveled 392 feet and left the bat at 107 mph
The Cubs also called out Bleacher Nation's Michael Cerami for saying he would jump into Lake Michigan on Thursday if Happ started the game with a home run: fence in right field:
Dwight Evans of the Boston Red Sox homered on the first pitch of the 1986 season, off new Hall of Famer Jack Morris at Tiger Stadium...32 years ago..Happ is 23.. the date 3/29..211/47th prime..47x7=329..home run=94

Cubs=63..Wrigley field=63..Loyola hasn't won since 63..55 years ago Chicago Cubs=55..Chicago Bears were NFL champions in 1963..12/29/1963=41,104,133,33 Chicago Bears=55
the 29th like 3/29.. with same 133 birth numerology of Ian Happ

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