Friday, March 30, 2018

He's 13 and he's running to be the next governor of Vermont

He's 13 and he's running to be the next governor of Vermont

3/30/2018=33,51,71,17...89th day  276 left
89=24th prime/11th fibonacci

CNN)Ethan Sonneborn is an eighth grader who loves basketball, fishing and writing.
Eighth grader=74,214  youngest candidate=70
He also wants to be governor of Vermont. Not when he grows up, but now.
And thanks to the fact that there are no state laws that require gubernatorial candidates to be a certain age, Ethan is officially the youngest candidate to run for that office in Vermont history.

His challenges

    Ethan, who lives in Bristol, is campaigning ahead of the state's Democratic primary in August, where he'll face two challengers.
    His issue? Stricter gun control, legislation he says his home state needs.
    But being 13 poses some unique challenges for a candidate.
    One of them, says Vermont Democratic Party Executive Director Conor Casey, is school.
    "It's funny, his biggest barrier is complications to being in school while simultaneously running for governor -- not that I'm advocating that he drop out," Casey said.
    "Also, not having a driver's license. He's dependent on other people for rides to statewide events he speaks at."

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