Monday, March 26, 2018

Father, son killed in collapse inside silo at Wisconsin farm

Father, son killed in collapse inside silo at Wisconsin farm

3/24/2018=27,45,65,20...83rd day 282 left  father son=137/33rd prime,43,52,106
silo=28  Briel=28 collapse=83 on the 83rd day..43/14th prime the kid was 14
Wisconsin=55 Daniel Briel=55 David Briel=50 Dairy farm=50 dairy=33
71/20th prime on a day with 20 numerology..Daniel=27,45..on a day with 27,65
A father of five and his 14-year-old son were killed Saturday after the grain inside a silo at their Wisconsin dairy farm collapsed and trapped the pair, officials said.
The Barron County Sheriff’s Department said in statement that 51-year-old Daniel Briel and 14-year-old David Briel were working inside the silo when an “internal collapse of silage=137/33rd prime,106,124” occurred. Briel's 15-year-old son, Caleb, was also with them inside when the collapse took place, but Caleb was able to escape.
“In the farming world these accidents do happen, but they usually don’t lead to death,” Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald told FOX9. “This one was just a tragic accident.”
Rescuers had to use thermal imaging devices and extraction equipment to get to the pair. It took 45 minutes until the father and son were able to be pulled free, fire officials said.
Authorities said Dan was dead when firefighters arrived at the scene and pulled him out, and David died shortly afterward.
“I have peace knowing that he was praying with our son,” Melissa Briel=83,52,124 told FOX9. “I have peace knowing that he was holding onto our son.”

Melissa said she was out of town when she got the call that the silage had collapsed at the farm in Hillsdale, located 89 miles east of Minneapolis.

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