Wednesday, March 28, 2018

double nickel

On This Date: March 28, 1995---3/28/2018=31,49,69,37

  • 0:59
  • When Jordan wowed MSG with his 'double-nickel'

    On March 28, 1995, Michael Jordan dropped 55 on the Knicks as he was working his way back into NBA shape.
  • 59 sec video.. michael jordan=59 double nickel=113
  • double nickel=67 Knicks=67 95 is the reflection of 59
Knicks=31,95  Jordan=37 like the day numerology Chicago=37
This happened 23 years ago he wears #23..initials are mj=23,31  fifty five=45,54 he was wearing #45 for one year 
he is 55 yrs old!  born 2/17/1963=19,82,101,29..48th day 317 left..1 month 11 days/111, 39 days,5 weeks 4 days/54 after his 55th b-day

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