Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Russian emigre Nikolai Glushkov found dead in London home

Russian emigre Nikolai Glushkov found dead in London home

3/12/2018=15,33,53,18 71 day 294 left 
dead on 3/12 or 12/3 123
79 days after his 68th bday..2 months 17 days..9 months 11 days 911/156nd prime before his 69th bday and 406/46 days
thirty three=60,66,156
Nikolai Glushkov=69,84 emigre=33,39,57
fraud charges=66,69,111,57
Russian businessman=66,111,123
he was 68
born- 12/24/1949=36,85,104,32...358 day 7 left
a tribute to the NCAA tournament? 68 teams start on 3/13
First four=111,57 132 a reshuffle of 123
Radford=66, 123,39 LIU Brooklyn=55,64...game is at 6:40
Highlanders=57,105,69,60 vs Blackbirds=54,72 Game is on the 72nd day with 54 numerology 3/13/2018=16,34,54,18

London (CNN)Nikolai Glushkov, a Russian businessman the UK refused to extradite to Russia on fraud charges, has died in his London home, his Russian lawyer Andrei Borovkov told the Echo Moscow radio station Tuesday.
British police confirmed they were investigating the death of a man in his 60s in southwest London, but did not identify him.
Police said the death was being treated as "unexplained=53/16th prime,55," adding that the counterterrorism team would lead the investigation "as a precaution because of associations that the man is believed to have had."

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