Thursday, March 29, 2018

Daryl Thomas, member of 1987 Indiana Hoosiers, dies at 52

3/28/2018=31,49,69,24...87th day 278 left
87 on the 1987 championship team! wore#24 at Indiana, Indiana=52,137/33rd prime ..died at age 52. Starter=52 ,He was destined from birth to go to Indiana..IU=30
born 5/25/1965= 30,95,114,33 145th day 220 left ..he died 58 days, 8 weeks 2 days/82..1 month 27 days/127/31st prime, 1 month 3 weeks 6 days/136 if you include the end date..59 days, 8 weeks 3 days/83, 1 month 28 days,1 month 4 weeks/14 before his 53rd b-day
Thomas=31 a day with a day of  31 numerology Daryl=24 matching jersey# and day numerology,Daryl=30 matching day numerology..136 1 month 3 weeks 6 days/136  he died before his b-day
Sacrifice=46,55,62 died=86/Thomas=86  Chicago=46
 heart attack=108 Hoosiers=108
 Was coaching at Montini Catholic High School=127/31st prime,406/46
IU won its fifth=31..that 31 years ago! he's linked to Keith Smart=52.. assisted=24
he was a McDonald’s All-American at St. Joseph=31 McDonalds=31
all-american=89/24th prime/11th fib..31=11th prime 
LOMBARD, Ill. -- Daryl Thomas, who was a starter on the Indiana Hoosiers'1987 NCAA basketball championship team, has died aged 52.
Thomas had been the basketball coach at Montini Catholic High School in suburban Chicago since 2015. The school says Thomas died Wednesday from a heart attack.
Thomas was a Chicago-area high school star before going to Indiana, where he won All-Big Ten First Team recognition as the Hoosiers won their fifth national title during his senior season. He threw the pass to Keith Smart for the game-winning jump shot against Syracuse in the championship game.
The 6-foot-7 forward later played professionally overseas, then returned to Chicago and started youth coaching. Survivors include his wife and three children.

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