Monday, March 12, 2018

March 28

I am going to talk about Gematria..on Green Mountain Mornings on 3/28/2018=31,49,69,24...28/3 283/61st prime..87th day 278 left at 8:30am
Dan Lefkowitz=61/18th prime
locally on 1490am or 100.3 fm
121/11 sq.rt.  302/32..113/30th prime
WKVT=32,76,23..180/18 Fr.Bacon wkvt am=90,18,36,72
1959/17th prime..WKVT (1490 AM, "1490 WKVT") is a radio station licensed to serve Brattleboro, Vermont. The station is owned by Saga Communications=289/17 sq.rt.,71,197,89 and licensed to Saga Communications of New England, LLC. It airs a mostly progressive talk=71,197,89 format.[1]
The station has been assigned the WKVT call letters by the Federal Communications Commission.[2] WKVT is simulcast on W262CL FM 100.3 in Brattleboro.
WKVT is part of a network of progressive talk stations throughout the northeastern United States that are owned by Saga Communications (others including WNYY in Ithaca, New York, WHMP in Northampton, Massachusetts, WHNP in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts and WHMQ in Greenfield, Massachusetts); these, in turn, were among the last progressive talk stations still on the air in early 2017. Because of the migration of most progressive talk shows to off-air platforms, Saga announced plans to begin dropping the format in February 2017; WNYY was the first to change,[3] followed by WHNP,[4] with most of the other stations in the network likely to follow.[5]
458=17  Williams Street=59/17th prime,77
Brattleboro, VT 05301
Chris Lenois=59,77
born 9/9/1970=18,88,107,35..252nd day 113 remaining
1970/197..9/9 or 99..Thirteen=99
show used to be called "live and local"=47 radio=47,88
from 9am-12pm..912
I used to do a show called "konspiracy korner down the rabbit hole"=177,183(61x3)
shortened to "down the rabbit hole"=181/42nd prime,89/24th prime/11th fib
7/14/2014=21,35,55,19 started on GMM=33,15
195 day 170/17 left..14/7 147
started on  5/14 /2013=19,32,52,16..134th day 231 left..9-12 on Live and Local..its 47 days from my impending radio appearance 3/28 to 5/14 
14 months from

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