Thursday, March 22, 2018

Kansas St. vs. Kentucky

Kansas St. vs. Kentucky on 3/22/2018=25,63,43,18..81st day 284 left
Kentucky=29,43 Kansas=29,43  kansas st=41,104

John Calipari =  62,73,208    271-63
born 2/10/1959=12,71,90,27..41st day 324 left
the game is on 3/ the day numerology ..if you include the end date..41 days ..1 month 13 days/113..5 weeks 6 days/56 ..otherwise its..40 days after his 41st bday..5weeks 5 days/55..      Bruce Weber=60,48,102  124-79 record
born 10/19/1956=29,85,104,32  293 day  73 left..5 months 3 days/53, 22 weeks,154 days from his 61st bday..if you included the end date its 5 months 4 days/54..22 weeks 1 day/221...155 days

both wildcats..
Jim Calipari=208/28..born on the 41st day/13th prime..91/13th triangular..........the game is 5 months 3 days/53  after weber's 61st bday
kentucky ranked #18  on a day with 18 numerology..but upset=81,18
Kentucky is 9-0 vs KSU alltime..
last game was 3/21/2014=24,38,58,13...80th day of the year..if include end date-4 years 2 days/42..209 weeks/29..1463 days  if not 4 years 1 day/41/ 208 wks 6 days..from this game to tonite's game..56 pts like 5 weeks 6 days/56 from Calipari's 59th bday

I like kentucky to win ..ten=42..champion ship on 4/2

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