Friday, March 9, 2018

11-year-old girl suffers severe brain damage after garden hose shock

11-year-old girl suffers severe brain damage after garden hose shock

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n 11-year-old girl suffered severe brain damage after being shocked by an electrified garden hose — and now there’s no hope she’ll ever recover, according to reports.“After a horrific accident on Saturday the 3rd of March, Denishar Woods a loving 11-year-old girl is now fighting for her life in PMH,” .this happened on 3/3/ or 33 3/3/2018=6,24,42,17..on the 62nd day 303/33 left
brain injury=60,141,156..thirty three=60,141,156
Denishar Woods’ heart stopped when she was zapped with 230 volts last Saturday after touching the hose at her public housing apartment complex in Beldon=110/11 in Western Australia, Perth Now reported Friday.
She’s been in an induced coma at Princess Margaret Hospital=115,142 since.
Woods is breathing on her own after being taken off life support.
“She’s suffered a catastrophic brain injury which won’t bring her back to me ever,” said her heartbroken mother Lacey Harrison=203/23,77,67. “There’s no quality of life in her … there’s nothing of my little girl left in there.”

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