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admitted to union 3/4/1791=7,98,115,25..14th state   or 4/3 43=14th prime founded in 1777 the republic of vermont lasted 14 years
The Green Mountain State=115,92,101,254
motto -Freedom and Unity=174,75
The annual mean temperature for the state is 43 °F (6 °C).
making it the 43rd-largest in land area and the 47th in water area. In total area, it is larger than El Salvador and smaller than Haiti=47,34. It is the only landlocked state in New England.
state insect is the honey bee=43/137/33rd prime 
227th anniversary today 49th prime/49th most pooruismpulated state..82,910 days 
91...founded in 1791..1040th prime in numerology zeros are dropped 104/14..14th state fourteen=104/14 41 reflection 
The first European to see Vermont is thought to have been Jacques Cartier=60,93 in 1535.
On July 30, 1609, ..7/30/1609=37,46,62,26..211th day 154 left French explorer Samuel de Champlain claimed Vermont as part of New France. In 1666, French settlers erected Fort Sainte Anne on Isle La Motte,=114,156[58] the first European settlement in Vermont.
On January 15, 1777, representatives of the New Hampshire Grants declared the independence of Vermont.[61] For the first six months of its existence, it was called the Republic of New Connecticut.=114,129(43x3)[62]
On June 2, 1777(7+7=14), 6/2/1777=8,85,102,30..153rd/17th triangular day 212 lefta second convention of 72 delegates met and adopted the name "Vermont."=35,37,82,107/17 This was on the advice of a friendly Pennsylvanian, Dr. Thomas Young, friend and mentor of Ethan Allen,=38,52,92 who wrote to them on how to achieve admission into the newly independent United States of America as the 14th state.[62] On July 4, they completed the drafting of the Constitution of Vermont=307/37 at the Windsor Tavern,=74,169 and adopted it on July 8. This was the first written constitution in North America to ban adult slavery,[63] saying male slaves become free at the age of 21 and females at 18. It provided for universal adult male suffrage and required support of public schools. It was in effect from 1777 to 1786.[64] The revised constitution of 1786, which established a greater separation of powers, continued in effect until 1793, two years after Vermont's admission to the Union. Slavery was fully banned by state law on November 25, 1858, less than three years before the American Civil War.[65][66][67] Vermont played an important geographical role in the Underground Railroad,=114 which helped American slaves escape to Canada.[68]

State symbols include:
significance of #14

Osiris Murdered/ Osiris=35 Vermont=35 dead=14

In Egyptian mythology, Osiris was murdered by his brother, Seth. Seth cut the body of Osiris into fourteen parts.
Osiris’ wife, Isis, was able to locate the fourteen body parts and give her husband a decent funeral.
Osiris eventually became the god of the Underworld. The number fourteen has on the basis of this story been associated with death and resurrection.

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