Tuesday, March 6, 2018

west virginia teachers strike

65th day 300 left
west virginia=66,156
teacher=33 teachers=137/33rd prime
2/22 to 3/6==13 days 1 week 6 days/16 
James=33 Justice=33 james c justice=57
CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The statewide teachers’ strike that shuttered West Virginia schools for almost two weeks appeared all but over on Tuesday when Gov. James C. Justice=56,74,97  signed a bill to give teachers and other state employees a 5 percent pay raise. five percent=60,57
A crowd of teachers wearing the red T-shirts that have come to symbolize their strike cheered as Mr. Justice, a Republican, signed the pay raise bill in a theater on the Capitol grounds. The bill had been passed unanimously earlier in the day by both houses of the Republican-controlled Legislature.
“We’re going to school tomorrow,” said Heather Acord, an elementary schoolteacher from Wayne County, with relief obvious on her face. “We got everything we asked for.”

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